Red Media, which was founded in 2006, is one of the largest Russian companies producing and distributing theme-based channels for cable and satellite broadcasting. It is also a member of the National Association of TV and Radio Broadcasters (NАТ) and the Association of Cable TV of Russia (АCTR).

Today the Company offers 18 different theme-based channels. These channels are all produced in-house and consist of: 365 Days TV, Kitchen TV, La-minor TV, Russian Night TV, HD Life, Premiere movies, Hit movies, Family movies, Movie mix, Movies for men, Romantic movies, New russian movies, Our native movies, Comedy movies, Indian movies, India, Kinoseries.

Red Media not only distributes Gazprom-Media Holding’s theme-based TV channels but also channels of other producers. Overall there are 39 theme-based TV channels in SD and HD formats that provide everything an audience needs, such as: sports, movies, entertainment, education, hobbies, music, children.

The cumulative audience for all channels is 35 million households.

In terms of the channels’ distribution, Red Media works with 1900 cable and satellite operators in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. The company’s TV channels broadcast in 980 cities in 43 countries world-wide.


Theme-based TV channels

35 million

Households of the audience


Countries broadcast TV channels

1900 providers

of pay TV broadcast TV channels

One of Red Media’s activities is in providing technical services. Company’s production base is a newest system of automated management of production processes, tapeless technology for the processing of materials, broadcasting with 100% backup and use of modern digital equipment.