“Central Partnership” film company was established in 1996. Over two decades “Central Partnership” has become the leader of film and television film distribution and a sizeable owner of movie content. The company owns the rights to a wide ranging library, which encompasses the best examples of Russian film production, as well as films from European and US studios.

Central Partnership has developed its activities in the market of television and film distribution, production of full length movies and television series. The company was responsible for “22 minutes”, “Dark World”, “Prom night” “Wolfhound from the grey dog clan” “Brest castle”, “Streetracers”, “The house”, “Mermaid”, “I am staying”, “2 days” and others.

Central Partnership has created a number of high quality television series including “The Master and Margarita”, “Liquidation”, “Isaiev”, “No right to make a mistake”, “Chkalov”, “Apostol”. Many of the company’s projects are part of the gold standard for Russian movie making.

Since 2009 the company is the exclusive partner or Paramount Pictures in Russia. In 2012 a similar agreement was signed with Summit Entertainment. From 2017, the company became the exclusive distributor for Lionsgate.

658 films

have been released from the date of establishment of the company

156 of which

made by Russian studios

38 %

proportion of Russian film releases in the box office of Central Partnership in 2017

to 154 countries

the company sold the rights to Russian films in 2017

Currently the company is actively promoting Russian films on the international market. Central Partnership places a lot of emphasis on strong film projects that will be relevant for Russian as well as international audiences.